3 Axis YP-X Series

3 Axis YP-X Series
Mechanical Adj.
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High Precision make these robots perfect for high-speed pick & place of small components.

Servo control makes for easy positioning with no mechanical adjustments.

Space saving design reduces the possibility of interference with its surroundings.

A fully assorted line-up of compact, general use versions are available.

Pick & place robots, YP-X Series (3 axes), pursuing easy operation using servo control of all axes.

YP-X Series (3 axes)

As the overall width is narrow and the interference with surroundings is small by the moving arm structure, this ensures the space saving of the production line.


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Axes Model Structure Maximum payload
Cycle time
3 axes X axis Belt 1 0.62
Z axis Belt
R axis Rotation axis
X axis Ball screw 1 0.67
Z axis Belt
R axis Rotation axis
X axis Ball screw 3 0.57
Y axis Ball screw
Z axis Belt

Yamaha Pick and Place Robot

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